Chris Worfolk

Personal life

Outside of Work


I am passionate about volunteering. You can find out more about the volunteering I do charity page.



In my spare time I enjoy photography, public speaking and playing guitar with my band, The Assembly Line.

I follow NFL and Formula One. I support the San Francisco 49ers and I play for Leeds Samurai.


2015 Manifesto

I am a member of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party and stood for election in 2015, earning a very respectable 104 votes. Find out more.



You can find videos of my band, my speeches, and anything else I have uploaded to YouTube on my videos page.

Worfolk Pictures


I used to make amateur films. These can be seen on the Worfolk Pictures channel. Website.

Jimmy Turtlehouse

Jimmy Turtlehouse

A good friend of mine that is a rock star. People often get us confused. Website.