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Leeds Restaurant Guide

Now in its 5th edition, the Leeds Restaurant Guide remains unrivaled for independent, unbiased and consistent reviews of restaurants in Leeds. Elina and I have personally visited 256 different places in Leeds so that you can experience the best food in Leeds without having to do the leg work.

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Finland Restaurant Guide

Our favourite selected restaurants from across Finland. This short eBook contains 13 selected restaurants.

Find out more on the Finland Restaurant Guide website.

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Why Restaurants Fail - And What To Do About It

Why do most restaurants close within three years? What secrets do the successful chains know, that the independent eateries do not?

The answer has almost nothing to do with how good the food is. In this book you will:

  • Learn the big 10 predictable and avoidable mistakes restaurateurs make
  • Discover the real reasons consumers choose one restaurant over another
  • Find proven strategies for increasing diner satisfaction, and revenue

For restaurant owners and managers, this could be the most important investment you make all year. For everyone else, it will be a fun read.

You will not get bored. At 52 pages, including the appendix and glossary, this books contains only good stuff; no filler. You will love this book. If not, use your retailer's return policy to obtain a full refund.

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