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How to Exit Vim

How to Exit Vim

This book does not cover anything except how to exit Vim. It has 19 chapters.

Have you ever found yourself trapped in the command-line text editor Vim? If so, this book could save you from tearing your hair out. It breaks down each situation you may find yourself in, and the correct exit command to get you to safety.

Without it, you may find yourself losing work, overwriting critical data, getting lost in a sea of tabs, or worst of all, looking stupid in front of the stern-looking system administrator standing behind you.

With it, people will think you are a wizard. Finally, a way to unlock the mysteries of quitting Vim without leaving a trail of destruction behind you.

Formats: eBook

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Technical Anxiety

Technical Anxiety: The complete guide to what is anxiety and what to do about it

Do you want to enjoy life more while controlling your anxiety? Does it prevent you from leading a "normal" life? Do you beat yourself up for failing to achieve your goals and feel like there is nothing you can do about it? If so, Technical Anxiety is the book for you. It helps you:

  • Understand what anxiety is and how it works
  • What treatment options are open to you
  • Develop short-term coping strategies to get you through
  • Create an "anxiety-friendly" lifestyle through diet, exercise, learning and social relationships
  • Replace the self-critical version of yourself with an encouraging, more positive one

Technical Anxiety offers you honest, practical advice on every aspect of anxiety including talking to friends and family, seeking help, the benefits and downsides of drugs and therapy options, maintaining wellbeing and what problems you can expect to meet along your journey.

Formats: paperback, eBook
ISBN-10: 1539424219
ISBN-13: 978-1539424215
Links: Worfolk Anxiety

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Why Restaurants Fail

Why Restaurants Fail - And What To Do About It

Why do most restaurants close within three years? What secrets do the successful chains know, that the independent eateries do not?

The answer has almost nothing to do with how good the food is. In this book you will:

  • Learn the big 10 predictable and avoidable mistakes restaurateurs make
  • Discover the real reasons consumers choose one restaurant over another
  • Find proven strategies for increasing diner satisfaction, and revenue

For restaurant owners and managers, this could be the most important investment you make all year. For everyone else, it will be a fun read.

You will not get bored. At 52 pages, including the appendix and glossary, this books contains only good stuff; no filler. You will love this book.

Formats: paperback, eBook
ISBN-10: 1541380002
ISBN-13: 978-1541380004

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Leeds Restaurant Guide

Leeds Restaurant Guide

The book no Leeds foodie should be without. Get the finest guide to Leeds restaurants ever produced, for the price of an appetiser. Now in its 5th edition.

  • 204 restaurants and food pubs reviewed
  • Covers every restaurant we could find in Leeds city centre
  • Five star rating system
  • Unbiased, independent, consistent

Formats: paperback, eBook
ISBN-10: 1500529966
ISBN-13: 978-1500529963
Availability: UK only
Links: Leeds Restaurant Guide, Goodreads

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Finland Restaurant Guide

Finland Restaurant Guide

A short guide to 13 of our favourite restaurants in Finland.

Formats: eBook
Links: Finland Restaurant Guide

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Summer on the Horizon

Summer on the Horizon

Four hundred years in the future, humanity is struggling with the impact of climate change. The population has been forced to retreat into enclosed cities. As one newspaper aptly puts it, ‘humanity is domed’.

Formats: paperback, eBook
ISBN-10: 1522897828
ISBN-13: 978-1522897828
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